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Aqua Nova new generation wave makers are innovative and professional.


The innovative multi-function control system operation;

It allows you to create different effects and directions of waves.


Safe reliable and energy-efficient motor with a ceramic rotor.



The four main modes


1. You can set your Wave maker so that it frequently stops and starts, as if the pump is turning off and on as different frequencies. This mode will allows you to create different types of waves, the affects imitated are meant to replicate, a swell in the ocean (so swaying left to right in a diagonal motion in your aquarium) or a steady wave (from left to right of your aquarium) Best way to view these affects are by watching the intro youtube video below.


2.This Wave maker also has a function that allows you to set to a specific mode, that see the engine pump out water in steady frequencies, by the smooth change of outflow from 30 to 100% power.

This mode allows realistic reproduction of consistent water movement. 


3. You can sent your Aqua Nova wave maker to "random setting" and it will intelligently choose by itself different form of waves on different frequency level. This option is to inmate the unpredictable nature of the ocean. Most marine species in your aquariums have been naturally caught from a reef somewhere in the world, and are use to the natural swaying of the water and ever so changing affects of mother nature.


4.If you have a 2nd Aqua Nova wave maker connected to the same controlled, then you have the option to set up the controller that it is synced to both wave makers and they can work together in alternative patterns and provide an even more simulated affect of the ocean for your marine species.


Other features:


Aqua Nova wave makers are also possible to be duplicated, where the Wireless controller synchronized with the wavemakers allows easy control more than one wave maker. (Wireless communication between controllers) So this mean you can use one controller to control multiple wave makers and have no wires


In each mode, you can set the pump performance. In this way

we can control the power of a given wave effect (8 levels of performance)


Feeding mode, by pressing the "FEED", the wave makers stop and then automatically continues to operate as it was originally setup after 10 minutes. This option is very useful for feeding as you can simply press "FEED" then feed your marine animals then after 10mins the wave maker/s go back to the setting you already had established. Traditional wave makers you have to turn off power and then remember later to switch back on.


Automatic Dusk sensor. The controller is equipped with a daylight sensor so that the pump at night

lowers its performance, this comes into affect when it starts to get dark, this portrays the naturally occurring affects of the ocean, where at night the waves carm down and allow the marine animals in your aquarium to rest.


The magnet holder provides a permanent magnetic mounting for the wave maker, allowing for easy implementation of change in positioning. 


Aqua Nova offers 2 year after sales warranrty, 2 years protection guarantee and professional after sales service.

Please speak to your retailer about this, if any issues arise.


Contains 9 languages instructions for use.



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